Our Care

At Papillon we recognise that delivering highest standards of specialist care works best in partnership with input from residents, relatives and specialist care professionals.

Our Care

Working together we can ensure the most important people, our residents, receive the best care possible. We follow a strength based rationale and work in tandem with family, friends, local authorities and  local health providers to offer support through difficult times. We deliver a person focused care and support package to people enabling them to achieve their aims and aspirations. We look to be recovery focused supporting and helping people along their individual pathway.

Varying levels of needs mean a different, resident-centric approach every time- we are all unique. Our team of specialist carers are highly-trained to ensure individuals needs are met, and to ensure all of our residents lives are enriched.

Our dedicated team of specialist carers excel in the medium to long-term support of people with Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health Needs, Challenging Behaviour, Personality Disorders and Acquired Brain Injuries.

Entering a Papillon home will be a seamless transition for each resident- with pre-entry consultations ensuring routines, hobbies, interests and aspirations are catered for, alongside the very best care. We invite you to call, email or come and say hello at one of our homes where a team member will happily discuss your requirements, and where you can get a feel for life at Papillon.

Learning Difficulties

Papillon are a long established group of services providing high quality support for people with a Learning Difficulty.  We have continued to develop our approach over the years and developed a real specialism in supporting people with a Learning Difficulty. We support people to identify and fulfil their own ambitions, interests and to widen their horizons. We look at each person’s individual ability and support them to maximise their own potential.  The main outcome for people living with us is a fulfilling life in the community.


Our services provide specialist input for people with both high and low functioning Autism. Our staff are trained to develop strategies for each individual to maximise communication and moderate behaviour. Our teams work with the people living with us and their wider support network to monitor unpredictable behaviour and indentify what the person is trying to tell us.

Mental Illness

We are open about the need to focus on mental illness and is becomes a more widely accepted condition suffered by more people each year in the United Kingdom.  Our mental health services focus on supporting people with more challenging needs to maintain good mental health and strengthening their independent living skills. We empower people to take responsibility for their own recovery by supporting them to identify their own goals, ambitions and interests while living with us. Again, our focus is on helping people move towards and achieve a fulfilled life by conquering their challenges.

Challenging Behaviour

Our care teams are fully trained to assess and develop care pathways to manage and de-escalate challenging behaviour. Often linked to other conditions or behaviours we develop a unique plan to reduce the incidents of the identified behaviours. The team examine any social and environmental factors including daily routine and assess any conditions that cause pain or discomfort. Risk, capacity and safeguarding assessments are also carried out and woven into each service users individual plan.

The team also provide support during the transition period if an individual has a particularly complex history in order to enable people with challenging behaviours to lead a more fulfilled life over the short, medium and long term.