Welcome to Papillon

A welcoming reception to a new journey awaits everyone joining the Papillon family. This is the beginning of our relationship, and the start of a new future where we strive to deliver the level of care and support you expect. Through a resident, relative and specialist carer partnership we ensure that highest standards of care are delivered in quality environments, and that the human spirit is encouraged to flourish.

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  • At Papillon we recognise that delivering highest standards of specialist care works best in partnership with input from residents, relatives and specialist care professionals. Working together we can ensure the most important people; our residents, receive the best care possible.

  • Papillon is committed to deliver all embracing care and support which is honest, transparent and bespoke. Our passion is reflected in our philosophy of delivering the best possible care and support to all people who choose to live with us.

  • My day usually stars at around 9:00 am when my alarm goes off. I have arranged my room and have all my personal things around me, I like to get up around 9:00 am because i usually stay up late in the evening either chatting to other people in the communal area or watching my box sets in my bedroom.

  • I feel safe here. When I talked to staff about my problems I feel like I have shared my burden so I feel a bit better. I used to feel very alone and felt no good, uncomfortable and depressed, so staff try to make me feel better.

  • If you would like us to send a brochure to you, please fill out our form and we will put a copy in the post to you.