Why Papillon?

The question shouldn’t be why Papillon, it should be why not Papillon? Our resident, relative and specialist care partnership approach ensures our core promise is delivered: the best possible resident care in quality environments where the human spirit is encouraged to flourish.

Why Papillon?

Care is unique to each resident- as it should be, and delivered by passionate and caring specialists, highly trained and committed to ensuring residents maintain independence and active lifestyles.

We encourage potential residents, family members and friends to visit, call, email, view independent governing body reports or interact on our Facebook page to get a feel for life at Papillon. It’s an important step, a new beginning and we want everyone to be sure Papillon is the right choice.

Our Staff

All our staff are trained in a therapeutic and holistic behaviour management programme with a focus on Non Abusive Physical and Psychological Interventions (NAPPI). NAPPI is a specific approach to managing challenging behaviour.  NAPPI is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and provides a framework for providers to assess, manage and prevent challenging behaviour.

Papillon work with service staff and the people we care for to develop innovative, person centred strategies to manage challenging behaviour. Our chief aim is to identify the root cause of behavioural difficulties hence enabling the people who live with us to progress to more independent living at the earliest opportunity and most importantly, have a fulfilling life with us and beyond.

The Right Place for Care

Varying levels of needs mean a different, resident-centric approach every time – we are all unique.

Papillon’s specialised services enable us to deal with all requirements including people living with us to step down from hospital settings or more secure environments. Our management and staff have many years of  experience in working with people with a Learning Disability, Autism, Mental Illness and Personality Disorder.  We develop personalised and concentrated plans to support the most complex individuals with very challenging behaviour. We are not accustomed to resting I our practice and also constantly look towards further development of our staff and service teams to enhance their ability to enable meaningful and fulfilling lives for the people we care for.

We recognise that environment plays a key role in ensuring that people who live with us are made to feel safe and supported. We invest continuously in maintaining and developing our environments in accordance with the needs of the people who live with us.  Whether this be adapting a room or an entire environment where possible to meet someones needs, we always ensure that people who live with us are in the right place.  That means we will only care for someone if the setting is right for them and we can meet their needs and enable them to live a fulfilled life with us.

We encourage the people who live in our services to make them their own by personalising their living space and support them to build strong friendships with other people who they live with.

In the Community

All of our services sit in the hearts of local communities where they have access to a wide range of local amenities.  These include social, fitness, educational and vocational services and of course health support services.  We engage with a wide range of external healthcare professionals to support the people who work and live in our services.  So whether it is going to college, developing vocational skills, a game of football in the park or lunch at the pub, we have you covered!

Here When You Need Us

Being there when you need us is our most important role.  We are responsive to all of our residents needs and extend this to their families or network of friends.  We are also responsive to enquiries and aim to assess potential new residents very quickly within receiving all information required. Our services are able to take emergency placements providing funding is in place and our Managers and Senior Team are available to discuss any referral or enquiry or provide more information about our services.  Contact Us if you need to discuss a need.