Don’t just take our word for it- have a look at the testimonials below, which include feedback from delighted residents, happy family members and contented friends. We also encourage you to Like our Facebook page and interact with the Papillon family

  • “The way my Brother has been looked after is incredible. He is now much calmer, particularly in the afternoon and evenings because he is being supported to be active during these times on things he likes to do. Thanks so much for the great care he is getting.”

  • “People living in the home are treated as important at all times. The staff are cheerful, accommodating and always support my family when we visit our Son.”

  • “What great place! My Brother is now even going to college, that used to be a distant dream before he started being cared for at The Grove.”

  • “The staff understand what they are doing. They seem to be really supportive and particularly in the early days when our Grandson was very challenging and destructive, they spent the time and had the patience that nowhere else provided to help him.”

  • “My Son loves football. The staff have helped him decorate his room with his team colours, they have even arranged to take him to a game for his Birthday! I could never have done that without their support and we are both really looking forward to it.”

  • “Just brilliant, patient and caring staff.”

  • “They spent some money getting his room just right for him and he visited over a period of time to get used to the place. Since he moved in he has been really happy. Great to see a smile on his face and back to some independence in his life.”

  • “I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have a loved one supported by people who know what they are doing. It has changed all of our lives.”