In Alison's own words

I feel safe here. When I talked to staff about my problems I feel like I have shared my burden so I feel a bit better.
I used to feel very alone and felt no good, uncomfortable and depressed, so staff try to make me feel better.

I can choose when I have my breakfast, there are no set times of having to be here or there. I usually wander to the kitchen area and make a coffee and some toast, I can have cooked stuff but don’t really want it.

I have a shower and blow dry my hair, I was useless at it but now with some help from staff I can do it myself and it looks good. I go to the hairdresser in town every six weeks, I have some money and the staff help me manage it so I can buy things and go places. I sometimes buy something to cook for my tea, not always, but if I see something I would really like the staff will help me to make it.

There is a big television in the big lounge which I like to watch but for later at night I watch my own in my bedroom. I have made it nice and cosy with pictures, my own duvet set and curtains and some cushions from the market. I listen to the radio or listen to my music. The staff helped me when I got an I pod for Christmas so I can listen whenever I want.

“Before I came here nobody seemed to care or want to have me around. Since I came here I can do things on my own but have someone around to make sure I am ok.”

Staff are very nice. Every staff member makes me happy and gives time to listen to me. They are really caring towards me. I like it when staff go on outings with me, this makes me very happy.

Today I am going to buy my ingredients to make cakes, we are having a bake off competition, everyone in the home is friendly. I am starting to like joining in, I know someone will give me a hand as I haven’t baked anything before. We will go to the coffee shop on the way to have a cup of hot chocolate before the supermarket.

I like living here, I am never bored, I have people to talk to, I am not frightened to talk to the staff, they are patient and always listen.

I feel that I am in control of my life as I chose to take part in writing my care plan, this helps the staff to understand my needs so they can help me when I am feeling down.

The staff helped me to have my own activity plan so that I can still enjoy the things I like to do, like going swimming and going out for meals as well as doing things that I would normally do at home like, cleaning my room and washing my own clothes which will help me to live on my own one day which is what I want and I will get there!